Article published on Monday, April 18th, 2011
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Hero Smash is Artix Entertainment’s newest free browser game intended for all audiences! Hero Smash is a free super hero MMO developed in Adobe Flash that plays in your browser. Create your own super character and participate in real-time combat with others. Be a hero or villian and battle your enemies with your very own combination of super powers!

Hero Smash contains mild cartoon violence, no swearing, no blood, no obscene things but they do have LOTS and LOTS of really bad puns. Players who are under age 13 can play on the "safe servers" where chat is restricted to pre-selected canned messages. For everyone else, there is a full chat with filters.

On-going releases!
Cooperative Multiplayer with Real time combat
Highly customizable characters
Mix-and-match super Power Skill System
Secret Identities (Coming soon)
Home & secret pathway to your Secret Lair (Coming Soon)
Player vs Player combat (Optional & Coming soon)