Article published on Saturday, April 16th, 2011
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Deadsix (D6) is the term for the 6 o’clock blind spot to the rear of aerial combat. Deadsix is a new style flight shooting game based on aerial combat between fighter aircrafts. GPAX, the developer of D6 has chosen to develop a flight shooting game because the genre has been struggling in the online game market.

Deadsix features refreshing shooting action that will make players’ heart beat with their speed. The game offers homing missiles like real modern aerial combat and cutting edge weapons with the multi-lock-on function. The control scheme of Deadsix is very simple, but is also capable of performing complex and real world flight maneuvers such as Immelman turn and Cobar drop. You can forget about shooting games where you had to hunt for targets in maps without clear distinction of sky and ground. Maps in Deadsix feature tight movement and flight planning to provide fun like in racing games.