Article published on Thursday, April 14th, 2011
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Microsoft is inviting you to create the world’s biggest Pac-Man maze online! World’s Biggest PAC-MAN is a free-to-play browser version of the classic game released by Namco-Bandai. By logging in on Facebook, you can create your own mazes and add them to the game so other players can play your mazes. All mazes are connected together to create one very large one.

“PAC-MAN has iconic status in the video gaming community and continues to be one of the most famous arcade franchises of all time,” said Michael Kordahi, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Australia. “Through Internet Explorer 9 we’re taking PAC-MAN to the next level – literally!

“By developing the world’s largest user-generated PAC-MAN with NAMCO BANDAI, we are giving the world one of its favourite video games through the browser, in a fun and engaging way that truly showcases how developers can deliver a new class of web experiences by taking advantage of modern web standards and hardware acceleration. I can’t wait to start work on my own maze!”