Article published on Monday, April 11th, 2011
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C21 is a MMO Action RPG with robotic warriors from Cyberstep, Inc. You will be one of the members of "Neo Angel Force" and tasked to defeat the "Devil Robot Force" to bring about peace to the Cosmic Renaissance once again.

C21 features hundreds of unique robots, infinite freedom of customization and flying combat. There are more than 100 robots in C21. Many robots have been created with various motifs. You will be surprised by the level of customization that C21 offers. Build your own, truly unique robot. You can easily engage enemies through close combat melee, ranged weaponry, dashing, or even flying with the game’s intuitive controls. One of the biggest features in the game is the versatility of its combat! Whether you’re on the ground or in the air, battle has never been so thrilling!