Article published on Saturday, April 9th, 2011
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burda:ic, a leading publisher of free online games worldwide announced that its latest hybrid steampunk MMORPG ARGO Online has officially completed closed beta and has entered open beta.

Interesting facts gathered from the Closed Beta Test include:

Number of Monsters killed: Nearly 5,000,000
Number of quests finished: Nearly 55,000
Player Distribution Between Noblian - Floresslah Factions: 51:49
Most popular classes: Explorer (1st Place), Warrior (2nd Place), Druid (3rd Place)

“It’s fascinating gathering all this information from our Closed Beta,” said Achim Kaspers, Managing Director of burda:ic. “What we enjoyed the most, however, was the feedback from our players. We received a ton of valuable information, suggestions and tips from our community, and we are excited to implement what we can from their comments to make ARGO Online the best experience possible.”

The open beta introduces:

All classes playable. Until now, only four classes pper faction were available for play. With the open beta, all sixteen will be at your disposal. Make sure to look over the properties of all of the classes

The level cap is now 40. All accounts will be wiped and the characters deleted, and everyone can play up to level 40. That is not all, we are also looking forward to seeing what you say about getting a nice sense of the power that will come with the new level cap.

10 new dungeons. With 8 new dungeons in the world and 2 new PvP dungeons as well, there is a lot to do even for those of you who were busy during Closed Beta.

Occupations may now be specialized further - For both the Noblian and Floresslah sides, you may now raise your professions to the third stage.

And of course there is a whole new selection of weapons, armor, mounts, and so on.