Article published on Thursday, April 7th, 2011
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Over 180-million registered users can now explore the epic realms of “Lord of Ultima” in the free-to-play browser game and first cooperative endeavor between Bigpoint and EA on the portal. The strategy game produced by the German game development studio EA Phenomic whisks players away to the world of Caledonia – a kingdom dispersed across many islands where players have to embark on a long and arduous journey to evolve from simple settler to the Lord of Ultima. The path to success lies in their ability to master the arts of diplomacy and trade as well as their ability to gain military dominance quickly and conquer foreign lands. Each player is the master of their own fate: They can travel down the path to power and glory as a kind and benevolent ruler or obtain wealth and power as a feared and cruel conqueror. In addition to classic strategic game elements, players can also look forward fighting for valuable treasure in various quests and dungeons.

In the browser game Lord of Ultima, which can be played for free anywhere and anytime, players can look forward to discovering a new world with every login – their empires never stop growing even when they’re not online. In addition to stunning graphics which make the game world come alive and sophisticate game mechanics, Lord of Ultima boasts a wide array of possibilities to interact with other players such as an intelligent trading system, player alliances, an online chat and forums.
EA’s free-to-play browser game “Lord of Ultima” is available to play at ( in not only German but also English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Polish.