Article published on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
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The wait is finally over for one of Bigpoint’s most anticipated browser MMORPGs of 2011. Bigpoint announced that Drakensang Online has just entered the closed beta stage. Here is your chance to become a closed beta tester for Drakensang Online!

Apply by visiting their website:

Click on the Play Now For Free button found on their website then:

1. Fill out the registration form
2. Answer the questions of the survey
3. Accept the confidentiality agreement

And cross your fingers and wait.

Drakensang Online is the first online game in the Drakensang saga. Users can customize their Drakensang Online character using this browser game’s flexible skill system and change it to match their gaming style. Different equipment and tons of items also open up a world of possibilities for players to defend themselves with different fighting styles in battle.

Drakensang Online is a first-class fantasy MMORPG in browser game form.