Article published on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
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Gala-Net is pleased to announce that Patch 2.0.02: Astral Odyssey will go live April 26th! This will be the official release of the game and will bring an end to the Open Beta period.

This patch will contain more new content than any previous patch of Allods Online; Astral Odyssey will increase the level cap to 47 and introduce two new high level zones, Kirah and the Isle of Revelation, where players can quest to level up.

This patch also holds brand new end-game content in the form of six new allods:

· Isle of the Damned: This allod once held a peaceful village until a powerful sorcerer cast a curse upon it. It’s now filled with monstrous ravens, huge spiders, and a horde of zombies which stand between adventurers and the treasures the villagers left behind.

· Jade Labyrinth: This jungle allod is filled with twisting ruins that hold ancient treasures. However, they’re also home to ferocious draconids that are determined to guard the ruins with their lives.

· Fireheart Isle: At the heart of this allod lies a huge volcano inhabited by fire elementals, but before adventurers can challenge the elementals for their treasures they must also defeat their loyal servants – huge manticores and a tribe of draconids.

· Goblin Republic: The goblins of Sarnaut have finally managed to create a haven for themselves. Unfortunately, they’ve been unable to kick their thieving habits and have amassed a pile of stolen treasure which is the perfect target for passing adventurers.

· Isle of Corruption: It has long been known that exposure to the Astral can cause sinister mutations in creatures. Unfortunately for the animals of this allod, giant Astral crystals are growing right in the center of their home, causing them to become both crazed and ferocious.

· The Crucible: This secret allod is one of the headquarters for the Tep cultists. It is here that they are researching ancient June magic in an attempt to bend it to their will – plans that adventurers would do well to ruin!

High level players will also be able to participate in two new gear systems – the refining system and the draconic relic system.

In the refining system, players will be able to combine two identical pieces of gear that drop from heroic instances or allods, as well as reagents obtained from PvP events, to create one piece of gear that is slightly more powerful. This will make the PvP events in the game more rewarding, and it will provide greater incentive to visit heroic instances and allods.

In the draconic relic system, players will be able to gather relics from 24-man raids to create a second set of gear. This second set of gear will be more powerful than the set of gear that can be obtained from heroic instances or allods, but it can only be activated periodically with the use of a special spell with a long cooldown.

This change means that players will no longer be able to focus solely on 24-man raids to obtain the best items in the game. Instead, heroic instances, allods, and PvP events will become a regular part of a player’s end-game experience, thus enriching the overall experience of high level players.

Fun changes that all players will be able to enjoy include fourteen new mount skins, the addition of a mini-map and other interface improvements, a marriage system, additional audio and weather effects, and dozens of bug fixes! Each class will also receive new spells and abilities that will make gameplay even more dynamic, and to help players take advantage of these changes all players will receive a free re-spec when the patch is released.

More information on this exciting new patch, as well as information on other exciting news and upcoming events, can be found on the Official Allods Website.

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