Article published on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011
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Prius Online Anima Redux from gPotato will be entering Closed Beta later this April 2011. The CBT keys to the very first free-to-play cinematic MMORPG are distributed on their teaser website where some lucky members who took the survey were given 3 extra keys to share with their friends.

Known for its high-quality graphics and in-game movie clips, Prius Online’s epic storyline immerses players in an astoundingly rich fantasy experience.

There will also be the first contest for Prius Online called "Prius Costume Contest" which was posted on the official Prius forum to get everybody into the spirit. The top 10 entries will be awarded a special key for pre-CBT access days before the CBT.


1st - 3rd Place - One rare mount and One Pre-CBT Key
4th-10th - One Pre-CBT Key


1) The participant has to be in the picture and the costume has to be Prius related. Even though we haven’t launched the game users can still get ideas for their costumes from our Teaser Page, YouTube or just Google it.

2) To make sure users are not posting random pictures taken from the internet, the participant has to hold a sign saying “Prius Online CBT 2011!”

3) Costumes must not be offensive in any way. That means no nudity and no costumes with vulgarities or profanities. Use common sense here as posted images, or offensive costumes will immediately be removed and will result in the person submitting them be disqualified and possibly banned.

4) Group pictures can be posted and will be accepted as long as everyone in the picture gives you permission to post it. Only the person posting will be eligible to participate.

5) Multiple submissions are allowed, but a user is only eligible to win once.

6) If you are a parent and would like to dress up your kid in costume even though he/she is too young to play, you may do so and post their picture here as a valid entry. Just remember to have the sign somewhere in the photograph.

7) Users may also post pictures of their pets dressed up, so long as the person posting it is in the picture, dressed up in costume as well. This will constitute a valid entry so long as the other rules are followed. Please do not harm or mistreat your pet in anyway!

8) All submissions must be posted in this thread to be reviewed. You cannot post a picture of yourself in say off topic and then post a link to it.

9) All submissions will be reviewed by the GMs and the winners will be announced Friday, April 15th.

10) This event starts now 03/28/2011 and entries will be accepted until 4/10/2011.

Good luck!

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