Article published on Friday, March 18th, 2011
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Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown has plans for the company to pull in over $40 million in revenue from ten key franchises. Brown has stated that EA has two F2P games which are performing well, FIFA and Battlefield Heroes.

FIFA and Battlefield are both franchises that have expanded successfully into new business models and platforms such as Facebook and online free-to-play with micro-transactions.

"We have franchises with digital attach rates well north of ten per cent of the aggregate franchise revenue. We’re just over $40 million of digitally derived revenue for FIFA - that’s a combination of console DLC, full game downloads, mobile extensions and free-to-play micro-transaction based games,” said Brown.

"Battlefield, we similarly have around $40 million of digital revenue. Again, that starts with the disk and extends out in these different ways. So we’ve had success thus far. What we’d like to do, we have these two franchises at plus $40 million digital extensions, what we’d like to do is get the next six to eight biggest franchises along and get tens of millions of digital revenue," he added.

"We’ve actually experienced a real world case study with FIFA in Korea, which was previously a purely packaged goods model and has now, not perhaps very recently, but over three years or so, migrated completely to a free-to-play model. You’ll see FIFA across every single platform, with every conceivable monetisation model. We co-exist across all revenue models, with some of our key franchises will have exposure across ten different revenue models,” he said.