Article published on Sunday, March 6th, 2011
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Black Prophecy is a new Sci-Fi Space Combat free MMO game developed by Reakktor Media GMBH and published by gamigo. Black Prophecy is the first to incorporate action-packed gameplay from both the first-person and third-person point of view in a Space MMO game. In this game, players build up their skills and unlock better equipment. There are also a huge variety of weapons and ship parts that can be added as modules to a ship. This gives the player customization of their ship that will make it unique from all the others.

The backstory of Black Prophecy, in which players are whisked into a universe marked by the war raging between two supernatural races, was penned by the award-winning German science fiction author Michael Marrak. Too engrossed in their battle for domination of the universe, the two races don’t notice the true danger lurking in the vast emptiness of space: a mysterious force whose only goal is to restore order in the universe.

- Newest graphics technology
- Open world sectors
- Real-time combat
- Exciting PvP combat
- Enthralling backstory
- Modular ship design
- Numerous community features
- Award and medal system
- Complex crafting system
- Challenging tactics system