Article published on Saturday, March 5th, 2011
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Nexon has announced that they will be bringing their popular 2D side scrolling F2P MMORPG MapleStory to the Facebook platform sometime this year. MapleStory has captured over 102.4 million registered users as of September 2009 making it one of the most successful F2P games on the market. By bringing MapleStory to Facebook, Nexon hopes to capture even more potential users who are into the social aspects of gaming. The game will have micro-transaction like the original version and it is unknown whether there will be big changes to the game.

“Expanding our global IPs into the social and mobile gaming space is a watershed moment in Nexon’s global expansion efforts,” said Daniel Kim, Nexon America’s CEO.

“Not only will this move provide new ways for hundreds of millions of fans worldwide to experience Nexon’s games, it allows Nexon the opportunity to prove the robustness of its business model on new platforms.”