Article published on Monday, February 28th, 2011
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SGBase, a brand new game portal from the largest Singaporean free-to-play game developer Sing-Gium International Pte Ltd, presents Heroes of Thessalonica: The Awakening ( H.O.T. will begin the first Closed Beta sometime in March 2011. Rendered in beautiful 3D landscape, highly maneuverable characters and NPCs, great story line and tons of interesting quests, items, equipments will keep players coming back for more.

Heroes of Thessalonica is a Free-to-Play MMORPG that is set in the Dark Ages Era. You begin by choosing from 6 different classes, Evangelist; Vanquisher; Holy Avenger; Magus; Rogue; Gallivanter, and gradually work yourselves up to the ranks of Heroes. At the start of the era, Thessalonica was a peaceful land and was commonly referred to as The Paradise. The reverenced gods have always been watching over the people living in this gracious land. Talents and supernatural powers were also granted to the people to protect themselves. Elves were blessed with graciousness and spiritual powers; Dwarves possesses overwhelming strength and technological knowledge; Halflings were agile and has an adventurous need to explore the unknown while Humans were given healing abilities and the sacred ability to imbue holy blessing.