Article published on Saturday, February 26th, 2011
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Jagex, the creators of the #1 free-to-play web-based MMORPG RuneScape, is introducing a new HTML game called 8Realms! Unlike most browser-based MMORPGs, 8Realms will be capatible with any PC, tablet, smartphone or netbook that has a browser. The game does not require Flash, Java or other plug-ins to be installed to your browser.

In 8Realms, players will attempt to research new technologies to have an advantage over other empires and to defend their own. As players develop their settlement they will vie with others for control of precious resources, defend their interests against vicious hordes and research new technologies to ultimately reign supreme. Build up and develop your city out of the ancient ages and conquer others to become the greatest empire in all history!

Closed beta begins May 5th 2011.