Article published on Saturday, February 26th, 2011
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MARINA DEL REY, Calif. ­ The world of Ethergia will never be the same as Gravity Interactive¹s dark fantasy MMORPG REQUIEM releases the action-packed Erunil Tower Update today! Spoiled Dark Jewels, new weapons and fantastic new Erunil ornaments will be available to players as they take on new quests and explore the different tower levels while battling new monstrous creatures and ultimately facing off with the big boss in the tower¹s grand ballroom! More information can be found at

Highlighted features of this update include:

* Compounding a player¹s gear for a chance of obtaining a custom item with the stats of their choice
* Collect all new Erunil Ornaments to change your character¹s appearance to resemble the a bloody doll, torn teddy bear or a wrecked toy ball to confuse and hide from the dangers found within the tower rooms and halls
* Battle new monsters and terrifying creates including the Mutant Cadaver No. 99, the Destroyed Butler and the infamous Scarecrow!

³REQUIEM¹s Erunil Tower Update is filled with action, adventure, dark fantasy/horror themes and more of the bloody gore that made Requiem a unique MMO² states Casey Wing, Producer for Requiem North America ³Moreover, the Erunil Tower Update introduces new ways for characters to stat and gear themselves in addition to whole new sets of equipment, the Erunil Tower Update brings more player diversity for PvP and as always more spilt guts, disembodied limbs and twitching corpses.²