Article published on Thursday, February 24th, 2011
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Elements of War Online is an upcoming real time strategy MMOG from gamigo. In this RTS MMOG, the Russian forces have allied with Europe to invade the USA. Recruit your army now and join the battle to conquer or defend the United States - for free. Go head-to-head against other players in spectacularly-designed landscapes. Prove your tactical skills fighting enemies and the elements.

Commanders select, train and equip a variety of different units to create an army and head off into the fray of combat. Thousands of players battle against one another to win the upper hand for their side. If the weather cooperates, that is. The effects of experimental element weapons such as artificial tornados and storms can make or break a battle.

Features at a glance:

Tactical map with 50 different battle zones
16 maps (forest, desert, town, plains, hills, snow)
Element weapons )earthquakes, tornadoes, thunder, electro-magnetic pulses, storms)
2 playable factions (USA, Russia); more factions are in planning
31 unit types for each faction (infantry, vehicles, planes, helicopters)
Experimental units (such as units with modern armor and uniforms)
Up to 8 players on one map (4-on-4)
Units gather experience and gain ranks, can be equipped and learn skills
Destroyable environment