Article published on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
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Explore the different worlds in Realm of the Titans before everyone else. Get an early glimpse of the intriguing and spacious terrains that will leave players overwhelmed when battling the fiercest enemies.

All great warriors know that mastering the battlefield is vital to ultimate victory over the enemy. Check out the lay of the land in these screenshots as we showcase Realm of the Titan’s expansive 5v5 map.

The map of Realm of the Titans features:

· War for Domination – Two teams of up to five heroes battle monstrous villains on dangerous terrains as they each vie for control of the map.
· Dynamic Battlefields – Seize powerful control points that will spawn waves of NPC minions as you advance.

Stay ahead of the competition. Study these screenshots and stay tuned for more exciting previews of Realm of the Titans.

For more information, or to be among the first to sign up for the upcoming CB testing period, visit the official Realm of the Titans website ( Players selected to participate will receive more information about the test when CB begins in Q2 of this year.