Article published on Sunday, February 20th, 2011
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Juggernaut is a free-to-play, browser based action MMORPG with unique graphics, engaging 3D-battles and a complex fighting system. The exciting background-story is leading the player directly into a conflict between three hostile factions that have been facing each other in battle for centuries, grappling for land and power. Juggernaut is a free-to-play 3D browser game that uses the Unity 3D Engine. The mightiest warriors of each side are awarded the privilege to wear one of the legendary Juggernaut-Armors which are extremely rare. They enable their owner to fuse in a singular symbiosis with their armor and transform into one of the most powerful heroes of their time.

The best browser game on the market. Vivid 3D graphics allow the user to visualise every tiny detail of the combat: each blow, each magical effect, each element of the armour or weapon and each trick of an experienced warrior are spread out before your eyes.
A large selection of tactical solutions in combat. The Juggernaut’s gauntlet lets you manage its formidable might – it determines which of the super powers hidden in the Juggernaut will be used in combat. The gamer can radically change his/her tactic in combat by developing the Gauntlets and changing them.
Epic story. The Juggernaut’s gamer finds himself/herself right in the heart of the mind-blowing universe created by the renowned sci-fi author Leonid Alekhin.
Large-Scale Battles Devourers are a third force that unceasingly strive to devastate the fairy world. These are hordes of monsters created by the Gods sometime in the past – and now that the Gods have fallen and are no longer able to control what they created, attacks by Devourers turn into cyclopic battles – events that embroil entire cities and even regions.

Juggernaut is a game developed by Mail.Ru Group.