Article published on Thursday, February 17th, 2011
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Céiron Wars has opened its doors to the world on February 15, 2011. Created by the combined efforts of 33 people, Céiron Wars has been regarded highly by the first created commanders.

At the moment Céiron Wars has:
• Approximately 210 pages of written content,
• 2762 dialogs (approximately 60 pages, with the dialogs we reach 270 pages of written content)
• On our website, 80 pages of content regarding the Céiron fiction (thus we reach 350 pages of written content)
• 119 quests
• 52 characters
• 4 companions
• 39 battlegrounds
• 119 illustration
• 365 sound effects
• 250 items
• 140 building visuals
• 14 music tracks
• 630 troop animations
• Two language options (*The 350 something pages of content has been calculated for each version seperately)

With its ever-expanding content, Céiron Wars will captivate you with its story, pull you within with its companions, and introduce you to dependable comrades in arms with the alliance system.
Céiron universe is beckoning you in to breathe its original and dark atmosphere. With its civilizations of mankind with their retro-futuristic technologies, its never before encountered species, the mystical atrón energy that changes every term it touches from warfare to science and with much more, Céiron universe promises you an unforgettable experience.
Download Céiron Wars now and have your name written on the Céiron universe!