Article published on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
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User "augustus87" on the Frogster forum has claimed to have stolen over 3.5 million accounts (usernames, e-mails and passwords) from the Runes of Magic database. Augustus87 had posted over 2,000 accounts originating from 2007 during the closed beta of Runes of Magic. Frogster stated that only accounts amounting to the double digits have been affected because most were outdated. However, they are taking this as a serious criminal act and have blocked all the accounts affected by this. The hacker demanded that Frogster stop closing and deleting threads and to give better treatment to Frogster employees, more transparancy to customers, better game security and no spying on employees. Kind of makes you wonder why he is demanding better employee treatment. Did he used to work there or is this to mislead/cover up his act? If his demands are not met, he claims that he will release 1,000 accounts per day. Frogster has contacted German law enforcement regarding the hacker.

In the meantime, Zalmah (Frogster’s Community Manager), has posted an Account Security: Q&A thread on their forum which states:

"We have thoroughly investigated the data and ascertained that only 2000 sets of log-in data have been posted, originating from 2007. This data comes from accounts created before the launch of Runes of Magic. The number of Runes of Magic accounts that have been affected has only run into double digits. In these cases the registered users had added Runes of Magic to their old account with Frogster or the Yusho account system. All the accounts which were compromised by the posts were immediately blocked by us, and we informed the owners of the accounts by email.

Aside from the data already published, we cannot be 100% certain exactly how much data the attacker has in his or her possession. But rest assured, we are doing all we can to get to the bottom of the situation. Unfortunately, since a criminal investigation is currently underway we cannot give you any more information on the matter for the time being."

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