Article published on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011
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Atlast! Another sign that Dragon Ball Online is slowly dominating the globe! Shanda Games, one of the leading free MMO publishers in China has confirmed that they will be launching one of the most popular 3D Anime MMORPGs "Dragon Ball Online" for China in 2011. CEO of Shanda Games, Tan Qunzhao has announced this news at the 2010 China Game Industry Annual Conference. Shanda Games has been making strategic moves in the MMORPG industry since last year by acquiring game developer Eyedentity Games and also working with companies like Square Enix to bring Final Fantasy series to the Chinese market for the first time. They have also expanded their operations to the West recently.

It has been rumored that four other Chinese game publishers were competing for the license of Dragon Ball Online (DBO). Only time will tell when an American/International license of Dragon Ball Online will be acquired.

There is a big speculation that the Korean publisher of DBO, netmarble might also be the publisher of the English version since they have recently launched a global portal to bring some of their game titles like Prius Online internationally. Dragon Ball Online is developed simultaneously by NTL (Korea) and CJ Internet (Japan) with the exclusive rights from Bandai.