Article published on Friday, January 21st, 2011
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A moving story was recently unveiled from Dragon’s Call community about a pair of psychiatrically ill players who had served in the game for a long time and received continuous support and prayer from the community members.

Cynder and Dralth are both hardcore Dragon’s Call players and they’re a sweet couple who love each other so much. Cynder is a GH who helps players in game while Dralth is a Grand-Master in Red Dragon Society Guild. But unfortunately their real life is like a tragedy.

Their baby was taken away last year,
once they wanted to call her DC baby, but…

Cynder posted a thread on the forum to tell everyone that Dralth was back in a psychiatric hospital at the moment. Dralth’s mental illness had got worse again, and he had been forced to stay in hospital where the doctors changed his medicine to keep him and Cynder safe. Cynder expressed how she missed him and how hard it was for her, because the situation reminded her of their daughter who had been taken away last year. Many Dragon’s Call players replied in this thread, giving support, advice and prayer to them.

Cynder and Dralth both have quite severe psychiatric illness, so their mental health is not stable. Last year they had a baby together. Although in most of Dragon’s Call players’ opinions, they are kind-hearted good persons, the doctors who look after them say they are not safe parents for the baby. So the government (social services) took the baby away a few weeks later after she was born. About that time they also lost their internet access because they were not able to pay their bills. Cynder goes to the public library to get internet access sometimes for a little more time hanging around with Dragon’s Call players.

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Thank Anita who provided the clues for the whole story. Wish all the best to the nice couple Cynder and Dralth.