Article published on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
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Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and Night Owl Games has teamed up to launch Dungeon Overlord, a Facebook MMORTS game that is getting good reviews from its users. You take on the role of a Sinister Dungeon Overlord with the goal of bringing destruction to your enemies.

Dungeon Overlord is a multiplayer competitive strategy game where players assume the role of an evil overlord with intentions of conquering the world. To achieve this lofty goal, players must amass an army of goblins, orcs, ogres and other sorts of unsavory creatures to build an empire from the ground up. Of course, no one works for free… minions will need food, shelter, and small sums of gold come every payday!

Every evil overlord needs a dungeon lair or two, but with the majority of contractors imprisoned for cutting too many corners, players must take charge and build up a suitable home base themselves. Taverns, vaults and training rooms are just some of the rooms a dungeon will need to thrive. Mines will need to be built to gain raw resources. These resources can be sold on the black market or used to craft supplies and furniture that can increase dungeon efficiency… and keep dungeons safe from other aspiring looters.