Article published on Monday, January 17th, 2011
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League of Legends will be introducing the Tribunal feature soon which will allow players to help detect and punish griefers. League of Legends has also brought a new champion, Renekton to the game. There are more details about Renekton at the second half of this article.

If you haven’t seen the patch preview video yet, here it is:

Every League of Legends player has encountered a few bad apples out there on the Field of Justice. And while the latest renovations to our LeaverBuster system were a step in the right direction, there are certain violations of the Summoner’s Code that an automated system just can’t detect. Luckily, we have a secret weapon for which these grey areas present no obstacle. That secret weapon is: the League of Legends Community!

Permit me to introduce the Tribunal, a revolutionary system by which you, the players, are empowered to evaluate cases of bad behavior. Soon, when you log into your account on the League of Legends
website, you will be presented with the option to review random player reports. Bundled with each report will be supporting information relevant to the case, such as chat logs and game stats. With these materials at your disposal, you will be asked to vote to either punish or pardon the reported player. Once a case receives enough votes in either direction, the case will be resolved. In accordance with the verdict, the reported player will receive either a pardon or be subject to disciplinary action. So why should you take part in Tribunal? Well, for starters, you will have the opportunity to help clean up the League of Legends community by ensuring that reports of player harassment are handled in a quick and timely manner. But if civic virtue isn’t incentive enough, we’re going to throw in an IP reward for each case in which you’re part of the majority vote.

Griefers beware! The Tribunal is coming. You will be judged!

For more information on the Tribunal feature, you can visit the FAQ page here:

Renekton uses a new resource system called Fury. Renekton gains Fury by attacking or dealing damage with spells. When he has gathered enough Fury, the resource will be expended to empower
his skills with bonus effects.

Tyrant’s Reach: Renekton cleaves, dealing damage to nearby enemies and healing for 20% of the damage dealt. Each target hit grants 5 fury, up to 25. Deals double damage to champions.
When Renekton is has more than 50 Fury he heals for 60% of damage dealt. Consumes 50 Fury.

Ruthless Predator: Renekton’s next attack will swing twice dealing a percentage of his Attack Damage as physical damage and stunning his target for 0.75 seconds. Applies on-hit effects.
When Renekton has more than 50 Fury, his next attack will swing three times dealing a percentage of his Attack Damage and stunning his target for 1.5 seconds. Consumes 50 Fury.

Slice and Dice: Renekton dashes forward, dealing physical damage to targets along the way. If he hits a target, he gains 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 Fury and the cooldown is refreshed. This refresh cannot happen more than once every few seconds.

Dominus (Ultimate): Renekton empowers himself with dark energies, gaining increased size and health for 15 seconds. While empowered, he deals additional magic damage and generates 5 Fury per second.

Reign of Anger (Passive): Renekton gains 5 Fury per autoattack. Having sufficient fury empowers Renekton’s abilities with bonus effects, but this drains Fury. Out of combat, Renekton loses 5 Fury per second.

When Renekton is below 40% life, he gains bonus armor and magic resistance.