Article published on Thursday, January 13th, 2011
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Free to Play game portal gPotato is gearing up for the upcoming launch of Luna Plus on January 19th and wanted to take some time to do a spotlight on all the amazing new combat pets!

Luna Plus will introduce more than 60 different combat pets along with a brand new pet system. This new pet system will give players the opportunity to level up pets with their characters, dress their pets in pet-specific gear and costumes, and includes skills never before seen! Each combat pet will have unique skills such as special buffs, snares, and damage spells, and a special “signature skill” to aid characters on their adventures in the Blue Land.

From the adorable pink Harpy Jr which can silence all enemies in a player’s surroundings or the stealth Assassin that offers a cloak of invisibility until the battle starts, these combat pets are certainly more than meets the eye! The pretty Butterfly packs a punch when it gives an increase in all magical damage and defense to all friendly targets in a player’s perimeter. The Mantis has no need for praying, as it punctures enemies with a piercing strike, lowering the physical defense of targets. Indestructible, the Haunted Amor is fierce in its resilience and protects its master by drawing all aggressive targets in a player’s area.

In addition to the standard skills that come with each pet, players will be able to unlock up to five different levels of the pet’s “signature kills,” crafting yet higher ranking skills, only available through special crafting quests!

Be sure to check out the launch of Luna Plus on January 19th, 2011 to get your very own combat pet!

With Luna Plus, it’s the Luna you love, plus new zones, new homes, new pets, new mounts, new features and more!

About Luna Plus

Luna Plus is the first massive expansion to the adorable smash-hit 3D MMORPG, Luna Online. Luna Plus introduces a new race, tons of new maps, a sleek new user interface (UI) design and many new and improved features. In Luna Plus, players can run an amusement park, decorate their homes, tend to their farm, battle monsters and villains, craft powerful items, dress up in a huge variety of costumes, raise combat pets, go out on dates, and even get married and start a family! Players can also ride an 8-person mount and join in on the weekly Castle Siege! With Luna Plus, it’s Luna plus more fun than ever!

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