Article published on Monday, January 10th, 2011
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Drakensang Online is an epic coop action role-playing online browser game, which is being developed by the former development studio Radon Labs (now part of Berlin-based Bigpoint) and the game was first produced in 2008. Especially targeted for German-speaking countries, the game was a big success and even it was awarded with “Best German Game 2008″ and “Best Youth Games”.

The destiny of humanity lies in your hand. The role playing game Drakensang Online needs a new hero to fight online against the powers of darkness. In a medieval world which enchants the player with brilliant graphics in 3D it is your task to save Duria and fight for its wealth and liberty. Together with your friends you play in an online world full of deserts, mountains and finally reaching the Empire of Darkness where the final battle against the Dragon takes place.

Now players of the Drakensang PC series will soon be able to experience a new game world with many enemies and competitors. What makes this game different from most hack-in-slash MMORPGs is that you can expect great stories and stunning graphics all in your browser! Drakensang is definitely the best MMO for your browser this year.

Drakensang is scheduled to release in the first half of 2011 and will be free to play with an item shop where you can purchase thousands of weapons, items, armor and more.