Article published on Monday, January 10th, 2011
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PvP action has become an integral part of any good MMORPG, and it’s clear that the incredible population of MMO gamers all strive for excellence in whichever game they play. After all, what better way to prove your worth and skill, other than pitting yourself against other players! Gamers will continue to search for the holy grail of PvP in MMORPGs, until the time comes when they have the right combination of extensive character customization and intense, skillful combat! What free-to-play MMORPGs have the highest quality PvP gameplay? Here, we’ve come up with a list of some of the more above average titles, and it’s pretty much just some personal opinion. (Note: I didn’t rank these following games, I just list them.)

Cabal Online
Cabal defines their tagline “Revolution of Action” in their PvP and siege wars. Their expansive skill list opens up a lot of strategies during battle, while the flashy skill effects add to the beauty of the fights. This game turns PvP into an explosive art form.

Runes of Magic
At the moment Runes of Magic is one the most popular F2P MMOs. Open PvP only takes place on PvP servers. The PVP in this game is mainly found in world PKing and Siege Wars. The thing with PK mode is that you could turn it on and attack people, and not only can you kill people, but they also might drop some loot (if they were in the same level range as you)! This is an ideal game for a good PVP rogue-type, with so many unexpected surprises.

Atlantica Online
This game has the makings of a successful game, given a bit of time. The turn-based system provides a new level of strategy and tactics during PvP battles. The turn-based strategy seen in games like Final Fantasy with “active-time” modes certainly pales in comparison to Atlantica’s PvP.

Conquer Online
Conquer is a one of the earliest 2.5D PvP MMORPGs seen, and has been running for almost 8 years. The servers are still consistently full of people from all over the world, and although the graphics can’t compete the higher end 3D MMOs, it does have some pretty interesting PvP features. The game is based around open PvP, with combats being fast-paced and frequent. The winning side will be able to gain some really nice loot from the loser, as the losing side’s items will have chance to be detained. They will have to pay a reclaiming fee to the winning player to redeem their gear, or risk the winner walking off with it! It gives a good sense of revenge to the game, which is actually pretty fun. Besides, the special XP skills and dueling class system will give your character extra skills that help to round out the game. Conquer offers players a broad range of interactive PvP/ PK platforms, including Arena battles and epic Guild Wars, and even cross server PK tournaments.

Guild Wars
Unlike any other MMORPG, Guild Wars can be a 100% PvP MMORPG, as players can create special ‘PvP characters’ which start at maximum level. That’s right, players can start off at maximum level with a new PvP character! Instead of open world PvP, though, the PvP in Guild Wars centers around ‘ranked’ PvP matches, in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and numerous other setups. With a dual classing system, similar to the system in Runes of Magic, the PvP in Guild Wars is quite exciting.

Well, if you are looking for free MMORPGs, and would like to have some exciting PvP match-ups, this would be a good place to start! The top list of free PvP MMORPGs on the market today is right here. When you get tired of doing that same raid for the 50th time and you want to try something really challenging, you should grab one of these games and give it a go!