Article published on Friday, December 31st, 2010
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Mars War is a MMOFPS game with tanks and spaceships. You will experience more than 1000 players in one grand battle field. The background story starts at a mainland called Mars. Two camps started a war for the resources on the mainland. Every new player who joined the game will become a new recruit and start your life as a soldier. The game involves traditional FPS game features and also it enlarges the game size. It allowed more than one thousand players to fight at the same time, wealth of game content. It also involves other type of game features such as role playing and strategy.

Mars War is published by MMOLover, home to games like Crazy Tao, Monster and Me, Little Big Soldier and more. The most powerful 3D MMOFPS Mars War will be officially launched on 10th Jan 2011. And the client will be available for download on 6th Jan 2011.