Article published on Monday, December 27th, 2010
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ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. - PINTREE announced NHN USA as their latest digital content distribution partner. Effective immediately, NHN USA will offer G Coin via the PINTREE platform for all games on their free-to-play portal,

“We are thrilled with the collaboration between NHN USA’s and PINTREE,” said Fred White, Business Development Director of YNK Interactive. “PINTREE will enable NHN USA to bundle their virtual currency and reach new audiences, while providing a complete online toolset to manage global transactions.”

Eligible buyers can now purchase G Coin at a volume discount from the PINTREE platform. G Coin can be used for all games on NHN USA’s portal,, including” Soldier Front, Alliance of Valiant Arms, GUNZ The Duel, R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud, and Lunia.

To purchase G-coins from PINTREE and for details to become a buyer or seller, visit

PINTREE ( is the result of a partnership between YNK Interactive and Eroobit. PINTREE is an online sales and distribution platform that allows sellers to create and distribute online digital content through “E-PINS” in bulk, in the denomination, quantity, price and duration that they choose, and allows buyers to purchase those same E-PINS at a volume discount. Creating, selling & redeeming is all done online, similar to a prepaid card but without the plastic waste, printed card, or need to drive to a store to purchase. And it’s all done in a safe and secure online environment with privacy in mind. Digital content includes virtual items and currency for video games, MP3s, movies, software, or any other kind of digital content that supports the PINTREE platform. The possibilities continue to expand through the partners that PINTREE will continue to bring on board.

About ( is the leading portal for hardcore online gamers. Owned and operated by Irvine, Calif.-based NHN USA, Inc., launched in 2006 and now boasts more than 11 million unique registered gamers. The portal hosts a diverse suite of thrilling, fast action free-toplay online games, each featuring the microtransactions business model, which allows gamers to try and play games first and choose to spend money on in-game enhancements later.’s extensive portfolio includes the renowned online games Lunia, GUNZ The Duel®,
SOLDIER FRONT™, the massively multi-player first-person shooter (MMOFPS) Alliance of Valiant Arms, and the intense, twitch-action sci-fi multi-player online fast-person shooter (MOFPS) Genesis A.D.