Article published on Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
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EverDream official just announced that another two new servers for its hot web game, Dragon’s Call, would be brought online very soon, due to the unexpectedly large amount of players rushing into the newly opened server - Server 3. To be specific, Server 4 will be launched this Thursday, (EST 7:00 AM, 12.23.2010) and Server 5 will be launched around next Thursday.

Far beyond EverDream's expectation, the new server was overwhelmed with enthusiastic players right after the launch date. Players were starting to complain about the lag and even some players couldn’t enter the server due to the suddenly increased busy traffic.

EverDream marketing department made an urgent decision - reschedule the new server launch date to satisfy players' demands. Thus, tons of new events will be held again, including the already existing Xmas Events.

Here's a hint for new players, the Server 3 Starter Kit codes which can be redeemed from media sites will be available for all new servers, and most of the Server 3 events will be shipped to new servers, too.
Seems the Dragon will have a pretty sweet and busy Call on this Xmas.

With the Christmas season in sight, Santa Claus is giving out presents for all of the players online!

Event Time: EST Dec 20th 3:00AM – 26th 21:00 PM, 2010

Event Server: All Servers

I. The Gift from Santa Claus

During the event time, all of you will receive EXTRA 30% exp after every combat. Plus chances of being blessed by Goddess of War, VIP bonus Exp and Exp Blessing buy from Gift page, players online can expect a generous boost to their EXP.

II. Xmas Package
a) Xmas Exp Blessing Package
1-Day VIP and 4-hours ExpBlessing included.
Original Price: 47 Dragon Gold
Discount Price: 30 Dragon Gold

b) Xmas Magic Scroll Value Package
Magic Scroll I *3
Magic Scroll II *3
Magic Scroll III*3
Spirit Core *9
Original Price: 90 Dragon Gold
Discount Price: 60 Dragon Gold