Article published on Friday, December 17th, 2010
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Seoul, Korea – WEBZEN Inc. (WWW.WEBZEN.COM) announced its plans for major update and events for its core MMORPG title, Soul of the Ultimate Nation’ to celebrate the holiday season.

Webzen has expanded Helron’s Castle in S.U.N with major update in December 2nd and introduced new quests and monsters. New game systems were added including Item Customization system that allows users to extract ‘Etheria’ from items. Also, parts of User Interface (UI) were updated.

The new hunting area is for high-level players above level 115. More than 110 new quests have been added to provide various contents to the S.U.N players.

Item Customizing System is an extension to crafting and enchanting system that allows users to separate items’ looks and stats and to combine them with other items’ looks and stats.

Moreover, User Interface (UI) was updated to bring more convenient game play to the players. The update included inventory interface and skill quick slot modifications. The UI update brought much more convenience to S.U.N game play and was welcomed by the community.

Also, Webzen is currently providing Real-time character transfer service for the gamers that enjoyed S.U.N at IJJI.COM or ATLUS. The service is available for everyone who has S.U.N characters at ATLUS or IJJI.COM. Characters transferred from IJJI and ATLUS will be sent to the newly added North American server, Triumph. The character transfer service will be held real-time so that players from past North American publishers can start playing S.U.N right away.

In addition to character transfer service between service providers, Webzen is planning to provide a character transfer service between all three servers in order to help users to play in a better gaming environment with various players from all over the world.

On the other hand, Webzen is holding an event to celebrate the major update and the holiday season until December 29, 2010. Special Santa Costumes, Triple Penguin and Christmas Tree are available in game to bring holiday spirit to the game.

Tony Kim, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN Inc. stated “Since we are starting direct service to North American region with a new server that is located in the American region, the service quality for the entire American continent will be improved. On the other hand, we are preparing a special promotion for Asian users. We also plan to modify Territorial Takeover time for players in Asian region.” He also said “In 2011, we will have new stories on a new continent; we will provide even more exciting S.U.N with Episode 2 update.”

More details on Soul of the Ultimate Nation, Helron’s Castle mission update and character transfer service in North American region can be found at the official website (SUNONLINE.WEBZEN.COM).