Article published on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010
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Seoul, Korea - WEBZEN Inc. ( ‘BATTERY Online’, Webzen developed and servicing game, continues its upturn and shows indication of success.

Webzen reported that numbers of teenage users of Battery Online have increased more than 20% since December 8th and also it is ranking fourth place in FPS game play-time in Korea PC Cafes. They also stated that the residual rate which shows the success of the game is still over 70%.

Since OBT in Korea on last November 11th, Battery Online recorded more than 100,000 game clients download and started a successful beginning. Even after the official launch on November 24th it seems the number of players still rapidly increasing.

WEBZEN pointed out the reason of popularity is due to differentiated game contents and scenario from other FPS tittles. Battery Online contents make a difference with others by its original contents such as ‘Helicopter Support’, ‘Bombard’, and ‘Skills’ including the new high-tech modernized weapons such as “Flame Thrower’ and ‘Rocket Launcher’ which has attracted gamers attention. Additionally, its spectacular sound and background music, also gorgeous graphics done by ‘real-time motion capture’ method ensures the success.

Meanwhile, Webzen have decided to break out from exclusive service and started a cooperation service with NHN, game channeling site ‘PlayNet’. By channel servicing with one of the largest Korea game site will sure bring more users to game.

“Even at present, teenage players take a lot of percent of overall players, it is not yet winter holiday season so we are expecting more teenage users to play Battery Online” also added “By discovering various business models and marketing action sure will cause new sensation to the fixated FPS game market in Korea”. Said Tony Kim, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN.

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