Article published on Friday, December 10th, 2010
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ARGO is not comparable with latest typical MMORPG grinder games. ARGO is a complex and huge world with thousands of quests and landscapes that needs to be explored by brave adventurers. In this vigorous world is nothing as you may expect. The civilization as you know is completely destroyed by a terrible world war a couple centuries ago. Only a few shattered buildings remindn of the old mankind.

No boring classical fantasy characters like Elves or Dwarfs. ARGO combines two great philosophies and styles into one absolutely unique gamedesign.On the one side the dystopian steampunk faction called "Noblian" and on the other the mystical tribe of "Floressiah", who have found their faith in the symbiosis with nature. Both factions shared the same past before the last world war. But because of their completely different attitudes to life which they evolved during the centuries, they became enemies over the time.

In ARGO each faction has eight different classes and a huge character creation system which provides a lot of options to individualize a character. Each faction has build up their own and unique system. Pets, mounts, cities, weapons and of course clothes completely differs from each other. Also character class can be specialized and powered up with "Earthdium", a mysterious element that offers supernatural strengths to his user.

The hybrid MMORPG ARGO Online combines awesome Steampunk style with Fantasy elements to a ground shaking experience where you can choose between two challenging factions with eight different character classes each. Enter the ultimate battle with hundreds of players fighting each other on huge battle grounds in PVP. Wander through a challenging open world, plan your economy, transportation and real time strategy to evolve your skills and turn the enemy down…

More thrilling PVP modes like capture the flag, thousands of quests and raid instances with an epic background story and a huge ranking system fulfil all your desires.

ARGO online will be the next hot title in our game collection, prepare yourself for its release in Q1/2011. In the meantime, enjoy a first impression of the game and stay tuned for more info.