Article published on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
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Sunnyvale, CA – November 23rd 2010 Leading free-to-play online game publisher, Gala-Net, Inc., is excited to announce that Iris Online, the one-of-a-kind gypsy-themed MMO, will be entering Open Beta (OB) on November 24th.

Known for its cute graphics and unique story-line, Iris Online is a full-feature MMORPG where three races – Elf, Human, and Animal-Human Hybrids – co-exist in the world of Arcana, a land ruled by strange divine forces that weave characters’ destinies into a magical tale of mystery and whimsy. From its in-depth Tarot Card system and challenging PvP Modes, to its adorable art-style and loveable characters, Iris has something for everyone!

Open Beta features a level cap of 55, more than 20 explorable maps, themed dungeons, and hundreds of lore-rich quests that invite players to morph into monsters, travel through time, and even take down an evil carnival!

Don’t miss out on what critics are calling “an entirely unique gaming experience,” (TGN) and “a cute, fun must-try!” (MMOsite).

Users can download the OB client from the official website,

After all, Everyone Loves Iris and you will too!