Article published on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
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A recent contest held by Dragon's Call official shows some interesting views about the game and sex. Many players intended to compare the game - Dragon's Call with their girlfriend and wrote a funny joke about it. Meanwhile, another Dragon's Call Facebook event called "What's your in-game Tarot Card" ran out of 500 gift keys in one day. How did these happen?

Actually, game and sex are not two comparable topics, but it's pretty understandable for young adults to get everything related to sex during the adolescence. (Most young adults, especially male, have a sex impulse in every 30 minutes according to science research and personal experience.) A creative event theme would certainly call out their imagination and creativity in this aspect, just like this contest called "You know you've played too much Dragons Call when...” Players only need to scan the memories in their gaming life and complete this sentence to depict a real situation or a joke. So there we go, a player named Mammotherection wrote - You know you've played too much Dragons Call say "One sec, Running Instances with my new apprentice" when your girlfriend is already naked in bed. (Note: Instance and Mentor-Apprentice are two major game features in Dragon's Call). If a smile appeared on your face, check out more creative entries underneath this News.

And no, no more entries for this contest now. It’s closed. But Dragon's Call official started another enticing event, called "What's your in-game tarot card" with tons of free gift keys on the event page. The first 500 gift keys were sent out in 24 hours instantly after the event page went live on Facebook. Luckily a lot more keys have been loaded due to the pressure of player replies in the official forum. So what are you waiting for? Click