Article published on Sunday, November 21st, 2010
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The Mission Against Terror is real… the question is who are the terrorists?

In Mission Against Terror, everyone has the option to dance during combat. Dancing offers two benefits; it slowly regenerates your health(while leaving you vulnerable) and also provides a third person view of your character which can potentially be used to see around corners.

Polymorph grenades cause all opponents that are hit to transform into a cute little animal. Those who are under the effects of the polymorph cannot shoot for a period of time. Add insult to injury!

Death match, team death match, bomb mode, ghosts, mummies, robots, tanks, and boxing! There is something for everyone in Mission Against Terror, whether you like a serious and competitive first person shooter or something a little different and unique.

Utilizing cutting-edge Dolby Axon technology to bring you an immersive three-dimensional sonic experience, MAT can modulate your voice in real time to transform it into 3D sound and help make you sound like a member of the opposite gender.

There are 6 game modes available: bomb match, death match, mummy mode, phantom mode, team death match and team match.