Article published on Saturday, November 13th, 2010
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GM_Phibes from Outspark recently announced that Soltice Reborn is almost ready and is giving everyone a coupon code for a Christmas Tree Lucky Ball.

Get your permanent free Christmas Tree Lucky Ball item at:

using this Coupon Code: 4cde34a6a6f39

Well Hello There,

I've noticed you haven't been to Xen in quite some time. The launch of Solstice Reborn is just weeks away and we're getting pretty excited! Now is your chance to prepare for the new version by getting back into the game. The GM team is having more events and folks are getting their hands on FREE PERMANENT items, like enhanceable Butterfly Wings. Remember, when character transfers become available, you can take the levels you've earned and all your PERMANENT SparkCash items (including the stuff you win) with you to the new world in Solstice Reborn! Click here to get back in the game.


GM_Phibes and the Solstice Team