Article published on Friday, November 5th, 2010
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Sunnyvale, CA – November 5th 2010 Leading free-to-play online game publisher Gala-Net, Inc. is excited to announce that Iris Online, the loveable gypsy-themed MMO, has entered its second Closed Beta Test (CBT). Running from November 5th to November 12th, the CBT features never-before-seen content and features!

Iris' second CBT allows players to explore over 20 maps, 2 new dungeons, and hundreds of quests! Additionally, we've listened to the extremely valuable feedback from players in Iris first CBT and implemented new UI changes, key bug fixes, and improved quests and skills. Thanks to all of the amazing dedicated players that have helped us make Iris more enjoyable than ever!

Best of all, users do not require a beta key to participate in this CBT, and can download the game client here!

Dont miss out on experiencing this season’s most charmingly addictive MMO! We know that Everyone Loves Iris and you will too!

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About Iris Online

Iris Online is a 3D MMORPG set in a fantasy world where three races, Human, Elf, and Human-Animal Hybrids co-exist. A highlight of Iris’s features includes cute graphics, mountable monsters, and PvP combat. Yet, Iris’s card system sets the cute anime style MMO apart from the rest. Tarot cards in Iris can be worn to customize and advance characters in unique ways. Monster drop cards allow characters to transform into vicious fiends for a limited time. In addition, Iris’s magical cards can be used for item reinforcement.

While cute and charming on the exterior, Iris is a fully-featured MMORPG, including instanced dungeons with special PvP areas for players to explore and conquer. With 22 dungeon themes and a monster transformation system, Iris appeals to anime fans as well as fierce adventure seekers!

About Gala-Net &

Founded in 2004, Gala-Net Inc. is a leading free to play online game publisher in the Western market. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Gala-Net's diverse service portfolio includes Flyff, Rappelz, Tales Runner, Luna, Aika, and Allods Online. Through the gPotato Game Portal at, Gala-Net’s 8.5 million users can play any of Gala-Net's games for free, as well as buy in-game currency and virtual items. Gala-Net looks forward to releasing Iris Online later this fall. More information on the company can be found at