Article published on Friday, October 29th, 2010
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Marina Del Rey – Gravity Interactive, a world renowned massively multiplayer online game publisher, is proud to announce Dragon Saga (formally Dragonica Online) will be going into commercial launch October 28th, 2010. Dragon Saga is a fast-paced fantasy-action MMO whose unique 3D side-scrolling perspective brings a new level of strategy to the genre. This will be the fourth title to be added to the growing list of free-to-play games.

“The Production Team and Barunson Interactive have been working very hard on Dragon Saga…” said Yoshinori Kitamura, Chief Executive Officer of Gravity Interactive, “…to bring users new gameplay and content previously unseen in the US version of the game. Our community is excited for the commercial launch of Dragon Saga and so are we; they are really going to enjoy how Dragon Saga has evolved. “

Dragon Saga players will find their characters just as they left them, and ready for battle. These players will also notice that many updates have been added since they last played, including many elements of the “Paris Strikes Back” update. Upon commercial service, updates will include Kundara Dungeon and Temple of Water, with Van Cliff Manor, level cap raise to 70, 4th classes, and more to come before the end of the year.

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About Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga, formally known as Dragonica Online, is rated 'E10+' for everyone over the age of 10 and is filled with a rich storyline, beautiful lands, challenging boss battles, and comical skill moves. It redefines traditional arcade-style fun for all types of MMO players! Dragon Saga’s combat is fast and intense so players need to master the unique attacks, combo chains and advanced skills of their class to stay on top. Multiple gameplay modes provide countless scenarios for combat and exploration, as players face off against massive bosses, explore mysterious dungeons or engage in PvP and Guild–on-Guild free-for-alls. Cash Shop items and a diverse pet system help players customize their experience, while social elements such as Player Matching make group play easier than ever.