Article published on Friday, October 8th, 2010
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TLBB is a leading free-to-play Kung Fu styled MMO where myths and legends come alive in an ancient Chinese world. Players have 9 unique martial arts classes to choose from as well as daily in-game events to conquer in a land full of fascinating pets, mounts and quests waiting to be discovered by brave warriors of TLBB.

So prepare yourself for the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life!

TLBB offers 9 distinctive martial art styles to choose from: Assassin, Beggars Alliance, Lotus Order, Minstrel, Pyromancer, Royalty, Shaolin, Taoist and Voodoo.

Battle your way through bosses, quests and instances and improve your skills that will prepare you for the deadliest of circumstances.

Whether it's a ranged attack as a Minstrel, or an up-close and personal encounter as a Shaolin Monk, these 9 classes offer complete diversity for gamers everywhere.

Warriors have access to 2 types of mount – Class Mounts and General Mounts.

Class mounts will be available to you when you reach a certain class level. Players who achieve higher levels gain access to more advanced, better looking, faster mounts.

There are more than 70 mounts available in all shapes and sizes which can be slow or fast, single or double-player mounts. They are not only designed to look good, but they will increase your travelling speed when seeking out your next quest.