Article published on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010
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Canaan Online is a completely free, adventure flash browser MMORPG with turn based combat!

Canaan Online takes place in a fantasy universe. Its inhabitants have fled their ancient world through a magical door known as the Sacred Gate, and arrive in a new paradise land. After many years of human strife and conflict, the people wish to return to their old land, to begin anew and rebuild their civilisation.
Players can create a character that they will play throughout the game. During character creation, the player can customise the character's appearance and name, and choose one of the four classes - Warrior, Priest, Mage or Ranger.

Throughout the game, the player encounters monsters and can explore dungeons. Due to the casual nature of the game, the players can change their character's attack option to 'Auto' and will still be able to engage in combat without having to actively control their character. The pet feature is also a large part of combat, as monsters can be trapped and trained into pets, and pets can then be used to provide offensive and defensive benefits to the player character.
Canaan players are also able to engage in social actions, such as forming or joining a guild, player versus player duels and combat, and marriage or divorce.