Article published on Monday, September 27th, 2010
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Neverdaunt:8Bit is a PC game set in a 8 bit stylized 3D world made out of blocks. A Sandbox MMO where the world is ever changing, since it is entirely shaped by its players. Players can compete for control over areas and are free to build as they wish, with blocks and Tronics. There are no character classes or levels, the Power-up you choose, your knowledge, and items you wear define your abilities. With no preset quests, players can choose their own goals, allowing them to play and create without restriction, making every players experience a different one.

"...created a virtual world that fosters creativity as well as conflict, and the way this all ties in together is just too amazing for words" -Player, Tzeryushi

For all its features and updates, it is surprisingly made by just one developer, Calvin Goble. Neverdaunt:8bit is currently in open beta, and is not feature complete.

Some of the more unique and interesting features include:

-No $ Advantage-
All buyable items have zero effect on game play, so no one can have an upper hand simply because they paid.

-Epic Items-
These items are One of a kind and have special abilities,

-APC's or Actor Player Characters-
Human controlled characters offer a completely unique game play experience for the players lucky enough to come across them.

make traps, lock things with passwords, animate blocks, etc.

-Blocks & Block Packs-
Blocks are what the world is made of. you start with the basic building pieces, and can buy extra packs through the shop. When a new block pack is released, everyone automatically gets to try it out!

-Social Consequences-
Players have the ability to do things like take other players' building space, and kill other players. Because of this, how you act, your friends and foes, affects your game experience.

-Ghost Chat-
"Ghosting" changes N8 into a small chat window, allowing you to talk with players ingame while doing something else