Article published on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
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Conquer Online has just announced that their latest expansion, Legends Return S3 – the Returning Light would be launched this November.

They also revealed the back ground story as well as some exciting features that would be released in this upcoming expansion pack!

In the upcoming season of Legends Return, expect the most anticipated class yet to hit CO, the Monk! Players can expect to receive some other exciting new features, which include new Bosses, new PK tournaments, new Dragon Souls and the Level 3 & 4 House Expansions! Let’s take a look at what’s coming up!

Back Ground Story
The falling of the Guardian Dragons was just the beginning of what was yet to come. New evil creatures have risen from the depth…Twisted beings of malevolence and magic, with only thoughts of snuffing out the light of the world. Men lost themselves in the darkest abyss of their own evil nature…. The world has begun to fall apart, as demons continue to sweep through the lands. Even with the Six Class Masters managing to bring back the supreme skills of the ancients, no one seems to be strong enough to stop the inevitable collapse of mankind. Once mighty kingdoms now lie in shambles, while the remaining forces remain engulfed in endless battles. The world is in dire need of a savior… A true hero must emerge.

Striving to be kind and selfless, the Monk order has been engaging in devotional meditation for thousands of years. They always try to maintain the separation from the outside world, to keep their focus on achieving enlightenment and higher states of being. Because of this, they managed to keep themselves out of all the chaos unfolding below. But now, the wave of darkness has reached their very doorstep, and the time has come to return to the world they once knew. Their strong spiritual powers and magic skills could awake a man’s conscience and heal the injured. Once again, the forces of good will be brought together and stand united in the fight against their ultimate enemy!

Can they restore the balance of order in this war-torn world?

New Features

New Class: The Monk
This is an amazing class, with many magical abilities. They can assist you in battle by giving you various extra attributes, while still being able to tough it out on the front lines!

New Bosses - Coming soon!

Sword Master
Family Map
Snow Banshee
Frozen Grotto (F2)

Team PK Tournament - Coming soon
A new PK platform for the players who like to team up with their friends! Different class and skill combinations may lead to different results in combats! So, gather your band of merry men, and fight for gold and glory!

World Elite PK Tournament
Who will prove themselves to be the King of CO, in this exciting inter-server PK competition? Only the best of the best will gain the right to fight in this contest! This grand event has already kicked off, and the selection stage will be running from Sep. 10th – Oct. 1st, and the final battle taking place in mid-October.

New Dragon Souls

Level 3 & Level 4 House Expansions – Coming soon!

The only hope to change the path of this destruction lies in your sword! The time has come to embrace your destiny!

The light returns, this November!