Article published on Monday, September 13th, 2010
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ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive launched Reload for Chaos, the expansion to their first person shooter, K.O.S.-Secret Operations. “Hold on to your guns because chaos is here,” says Mariness Didulo, Marketing Manager of YNK Interactive. “The newly added features and goodies will have K.O.S. players at the edge of their seats. This is just the beginning since there’s even more to look forward to in the coming year.”

Reload for Chaos expansion has arrived in full throttle with new costumes and head gear including goggles, gas masks and more, while players can combat other clans in the six newly added maps. New options are now available with the expanded weapon choices, as well as new game settings that allow players to adjust options like health, weapon damage, clip size, jump height, etc. An item mall has also been added in the game’s interface that enables players to purchase specialized weapons and gear without leaving the game.

In celebration of the expansion, several events will be running throughout the month of September including a sweepstakes with GoCash, where players have chances to win several tech gadgets to enhance their K.O.S. game play, such as gaming headset, keyboard, speakers, and more, a bonus event where an exclusive snowball grenade will be given to all purchases through BilltoMobile, and a multitude of tournaments where clans can earn in-game items along with bragging rights.

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