Article published on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
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Playdom, a leading social gaming company behind some of the most popular Myspace and Facebook applications like Mobsters 2: Vendetta is on a shopping spree.

On June 22, 2010, Playdom raised $33 million in venture capital financing and acquired companies in the social gaming industry like Acclaim, Metaplace, Hive7 and Merscom. Just recently Acclaim stated on their official website that their games will no longer be in service starting August 26, 2010. Instead we are greeted with a link to a new Playdom title called Kogamu, a hardcore fantasy MMORPG with 42,046 monthly active users on Facebook. Acclaim also runs RockFREE, a multiplayer online guitar game with 215,376 monthly active users on Facebook and will most likely be operated under the Playdom name soon. Since 2006, Acclaim has built a name for itself in the free-to-play industry with over 15 million registered online users.

On July 27, 2010 The Walt Disney Company agreed to acquire Playdom Inc. Shareholders will receive total consideration of $563.2 million, subject to certain conditions, and a performance-linked earn-out of up to $200 million.

With this acquisition, Disney will be able to strengthen its digital gaming portfolio and make Playdom even bigger than it already is. Playdom now has 15 game studios in cities such as Mountain View, San Diego, Los Angeles, Boulder, San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Chapel Hill.

Playdom has just recently teamed up with Harrah’s to launch the official World Series of Poker Game on Facebook and other social networks.