Article published on Monday, August 30th, 2010
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Following the New Dynasty (2008) and Raiding Clans (2009) expansions, Legends Return is being billed as a special present for Conquer Online’s loyal player community. It brings a plethora of major new features and improvements that were requested by our gamers. Considered as one of the game’s latest milestones, this major expansion pack added some great story driven content, alongside some fantastic new realms to roam and fight in, not to mention the brand new class on the way! It is sure to add a new mix of gameplay and adventure to keep the game fresh for new players and long time subscribers, alike! Compared with the previous expansions, Legends Return not only provides users with a huge amount of new content, but it also provided us the opportunity to make major upgrades to the game and enhance the overall gaming experience. In this way, we can work to make the gameplay more fun and smoother for the players.

Scheduled to be released in three parts, Legends Return has now reached its second stage. Launched in April and July of this year, the first and the second chapters of Legends return took our players into an age of chaos, when demons first began to arise from the depths. These brought new skills, new dungeons, new treasures and divine weapons, which are gradually being uncovered. The new quest of the expansion has posed a great challenge to our players. Only by gathering their forces and working with other players, can they finally defeat the demon. The competition among characters was also raised to a new height, offering our players various platforms for PVP combat, to help them to compete with one another in more ways.

Now let’s take a look at the features that have been updated!

Ultimate Quest - Terato Dragon
A formidable demon has broken the seal set by ancient heroes, and returned to the mortal world. It hides in the Frozen Grotto (F3-F6, New) with other vicious demons. It requires more than courage to eliminate them!

Sub-Class System
6 types of Sub-Classes have been deciphered by the scholars: the Apothecary, the Martial Artist, the Chi Master, the Warlock, the Sage and the Performer. Each of these skills can provide its master with the unique bonus state. The higher phases one can achieve, the greater effects one can receive from their sub-class skills.

Artifact Purification
Utilizing the fragments of a Dragon Soul, players can purify their current gear, converting them into Artifacts with incredible elemental powers!

Reincarnation & Pure Class Skills
After spending years in study, the 6 class masters have come forth with new-found martial arts secrets - the amazing Pure Skills! Only those who have the dedication to go through 3 lives as the same class are able to obtain this supreme power. To achieve this goal, players can focus their energies on the new special rebirth process, known as Reincarnation. Through Reincarnation, the memories and teachings from your previous life are erased, and you can start anew, following a new destiny.

Elite PK Tournament
Contestants will be divided into 4 groups, according to level. It’s a 1 on 1 competition. The winning player will be promoted to the next round, until the final 2 are left to fight to the finish.

Guild PK Tournament
This new tournament is divided into 2 stages: the Guild Contest (Elimination Round) and Guild PK Tournament (Final 8). The top 8 guilds left standing from the Guild Contest will gain the right to enter the final competition.

Continuing the fantastic legend, the third chapter has been dubbed “The Returning Light”, and is set to be launched around November. It is the final and most important update of this whole expansion, in which the most anticipated Monk Class will be unveiled, along with some other thrilling events to celebrate the arrival. As the title might have already implied, the savior of our world will emerge with some incredible powers. But what exactly will the new class bring to the game and what can it do? All you need to do is to keep an eye on us! We’ll soon bring you all that you need to know about this legendary Kung-fu Monk!

The exact release date has not yet been decided, but it is coming ever closer! Keep watching for more updates!