Article published on Friday, July 30th, 2010
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Hull, UK – July 28th, 2010 – It’s time to win prizes and vote for the Spokesman of Sunshine City, as Fairy Story Online’s “Spokesman Voting Contest” enters it’s exciting final stage.

To celebrate the highly successful closed beta period of Fairy Story Online, award-winning publishers Ngames recently offered players the chance to become the official spokesman of the game, aiming to make the MMORPG more player-orientated as a whole.

Players participated in the contest from July 1st – July 20th, submitting their colourful characters as the best candidates in a bid to win the desirable position of “Spokesman”, and one of a selection of fantastic prizes, including:

- 1st Prize: iPhone
- 2nd Prize: iPod Touch
- 3rd Prize: iPod Nano
- Runner-ups: Exquisite virtual gift

Ngames are delighted to offer their players this opportunity to represent the voice of the Fairy Story community, making the game a more interactive, social experience as a result.
The Marketing Director at Ngames commented: “We firmly believe that only players can vitalize the life of Fairy Story. We should make consistent efforts to create a more interactive atmosphere for our dear players.”

New spokesmen applications stopped on July 20th. Every character was then entered into a screening process where the best candidates were selected for the final voting stage, based on their stature within Sunshine City, Fairy Story’s vibrant wonderland setting.

Vote now!
The successful candidates are now available for voting on the official website for the Spokesman Voting Contest, which is populated with real-life profiles of the candidates desperate for your thumbs-up.

Voting will end on August 13th, with the winners due to be announced the following day. Everybody is welcome to cast their vote, and you may even win a prize if you do!
By voting, you will be entered into an exciting draw for an exquisite in-game prize, with 50 lucky winners to be selected at random when voting closes.

The current leaders for the spokesman title; Rexel, Pillow and Lina (ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively), are all players held in high regard by the players of Fairy Story and Ngames representatives.
Current leader Rexel is storming the voting, with almost 100 votes more than his closest competitor. But is he really the best person to act as spokesman for the players of Fairy Story?
The voting is far from over, and you still have plenty of time to get to know the candidates and make a difference.

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