Article published on Thursday, July 29th, 2010
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Fairy Story is an exciting new MMORPG that will bring your imaginations to life like the "Alice in Wonderland" film we have all fell in love with.

Legend has it that the world’s first time being on the brink of destruction is due to the greediness and the sins of the creatures in the world, and the world was then abandoned and cursed by the Gods for that. Nearly 2/3 of the whole world was lost in permant darkness, disappearing along with the sunshine forever. Darkness will soon cover the world. In the world of darkness, monsters will arise, raging and wrecking mercilessly everywhere. Just when despair was left inside the creatures, Eva who still attached to the world sent messengers to save the world.

Legend has it that the Saviors had in hand the God-gifted flower--clover. They controled the creatures on the basis of nature and soothed the evils everywhere. They sacrificed their God-gifted body, suspending the curse of gods and cured the scars of the world. They called themselves Hunters of Darkness, therefore people called them Clover Hunter.