Article published on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
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The tale of Monster Forest is set in the Liberon continent of the Eran World. With the discovery of a new and powerful source of energy harvested from the mysterious Black Crystal, Haye Nation soon rose to become one of the strongest nations in the land. However, the energy leakage incident soon changed the destiny of the nation.

Overnight, due to the contamination, farms, water sources, animals and all other living things underwent a huge transformation.

Despite the furor among the citizens, Haye Nation chose to continue the research and usage of the black crystals in order to retain their status of one of the top nations.

Despite their best efforts in masking the Black Crystal research from the public eye, the citizens still found out about the government’s involvement in the continuing research of the Black Crystal.

When the victims of the first energy leakage realizes that their pleas to stop the research in view of another disaster had fallen on deaf ears, they decided to form an Underground Army to oppose the continued research of the Black Crystal.

The inevitable clashes between the two forces eventually spilt the nation into two opposing factions.

At the same time, other nations also learned of the Black Crystal’s mysterious powers. Be it the desire of harnessing the unimaginable powers of the Black Crystal to dominate their rivals or fearful of harm that it could unleash upon the world, the various nations also became involved in this battle of supremacy for the Black Crystal.

With the mysterious Black Crystal the very cause of this epic battle in Liberon, enter Monster Forest now to watch it unfold before your very eyes…