Article published on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
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Conquer Online has just announced the release of the highly anticipated new expansion, Legends Return Season II. Following the great success of the previous season, the new chapter will bring in-game some fantastic new features, including new exciting PK Tournaments, a new Rebirth, and the amazing Pure Skills... All of these will help players improve their skills and enhance their power!

Now take a look at the latest Preview Trailer

New Features of Legends Return Season II
1. Guild PK Tournament: This new tournament is divided into 2 stages: the Guild Contest (Elimination Round) and Guild PK Tournament (Final 8). The top 8 guilds left standing from the Guild Contest will gain the right to enter the final competition.
2. Elite PK Tournament: Contestants will be divided into 4 groups, according to level. It’s a 1 v.s 1 competition. The winning player will be promoted to the next round, until the final 2 are left to fight to the finish!
3. Clan Qualifier: Is your in-game family strong? Want to prove it? Here is your chance! Battle it out with the other Clans, and prove your worth!
4. Reincarnation: Players who have been Reborn 2 times will be offered a chance to relive their legendary CO life and discover amazing new skills!
5. Pure Skills: Only the pure of heart will emerge victorious! Players who are Reincarnated will be endowed with these special abilities, which can unleash magnificent powers and bring your enemies to their knees!
6. Permanent Stone will be available in Shopping Mall!